Bed Covers

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The history of bed sheets is actually very interesting to know. In fact, these items are made from woven textile that covers the mattress. At first, the sheets are made from a rectangular broadloom fabric without any center seam.

However, the sheets these days already contain hems on the top and bottom portion of the sheet. The edges are made on a loom so that there is no need to hem the sides. In other words, the bed sheet is considered part of a set that is consisted of a bottom sheet, a pillow case, and a flat top sheet.

These sheets can be made out of various materials including cotton, linen, and synthetics that ate made from natural fibers like silk. Another type of cloth used is the percale, which can be made from all cotton or cotton polyester blend material.  The percale is very smooth and cool to the skin, which is perfect for a bed sheet. Another type of weave is the muslin. The muslin can be a little harder compared to cotton. Aside from these, you can also go for nappy cotton, which is perfect for the winter months and the silky satin sheets, which are quite expensive. Another good choice is the linen sheet, which is imported from Eastern Europe and is sometimes used in first class hotels